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HEART House Applications

Our Full List of Local Queer Resources


Trans Lifeline

Lancaster Crisis Intervention

Trevor Support Services

National Domestic Violence Hotline

PFLAG Support Hotlines

Safe Stays


A Guide to Pronouns

LGBTQ+ Merch



Know Your Rights!

Next Generation (Youth Group) Discord

GLSEN Program Events

Confronting Anti-LGBTQ+ Harassment in Schools

LGBTQ+ in the Workplace:

Queer & Affirming Businesses

Diversity & Equity Training

Steps LGBTQ+ Workers Can Take if They’re Experiencing Discrimination in the Workplace


Coming Out: Information for Parents of LGBTQ+ Teens

LGBTQ Health

A Family Experience with Gender Transition

PFLAG York Chapter

Tips for Raising an LGBTQ Foster or Adopted Child


Top Ten Ways to Make Schools Safe

Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth

How to Support Trans Students

Include Queer Students

GLSEN Safe Space Kit

Facing History & Ourselves (Including LGBTQ+ History)

Making Elementary School Classrooms LGBTQ-Inclusive

How can teachers improve their practice around LGBTQ needs?

The Loop:

Timeline/Needs for the Loop


LGBTQ+ Health Guide

Find COVID-19 Vaccines Near You!

Info on Monkeypox

Alder Health Services (Harrisburg/South Central PA)

Medicare Resources for Immigrant Populations

Electrolysis by Amanda


Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition opens new home and community hub (LNP & Lancaster Online)

Lancaster LGBTQ+ Coalition opens new community hub (ABC27)

Lancaster LGBTQ+ Health Consortium is on the way

HEART Program – A Place to Call Home

Tell the Hempfield School Board: Protect Trans Kids!

LGBTQ+ Coalition Launches Housing Program

Member Features:

2022 PRIDE Power 100

2021 Baldwin Leaders – K. Foley

“Subaru should have been a sign”

What Memoir Writers Fear Most